the future is responsive

So why not one web?

My name is Justin Freeman and I have been in the business of building cool stuff for the web since 1999. I have seen a lot of transition and change over the years, forcing me to reinvent myself numerous times to accommodate the fast moving trends of design and development.I actually remember when most web designers were print designers converting their craft over to the web and applying a lot of their prior thinking into their approach.

Print = fixed medium

The print mentality has obviously made its way into current and past web trends. Most web designers think in terms of fixed grids, the most popular being the 960 grid. This approach is great if your delivery is specific to one resolution size, but this does not accommodate mobile or tablet devices. It is estimated that the number of mobile devices will hit 8 billion by 2016, and more IOS devices were sold in 2011 that Macs in three decades.

The landscape

It seems the landscape is quickly evolving and so should our thinking. We need to approach our design process from the standpoint that these designs need to live on multiple devices at multiple resolutions. We must design in ways that accommodate a responsive design. There is no reason why these ideals should not apply to every project we put our hands on. I think it’s as simple as asking yourself ... “why not do it?”

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